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Rhythm & Motion 
Sexy moves and the rhythm to make you,
Rhythm & Motion provides the perfect poolside entertainment, resort or private party performances.  This act is an easy addition to a club DJ / dance club setting.

   dancers provided by Xiizu modeling/promotion agency

Darkness Dear Boy   www.DDBTunes.com
Forged from the ashes of Rock and Roll, this 3-piece outfit rises from the Phoenix music scene like, well, you get it.  Never a dull moment, with dancers, ladders, lights, drums, and a surprise for every occasion, this is one original live show that you don't want to miss.
Stephanie Love   www.StephanieLoveOnline.com
 This is one hot number with the ability to MC, sing, perform, host, and do it all.  Stephanie can style, model, act and her list of talents would take over this page if I did not add a link to her page.  Check her out!  You will be glad you did.  Stay tuned for tracks from this girl coming followed soon by a stage performance that will be hot!
W.I.N.C       http://www.myspace.com/weirdisnewcool
This is a high-energy band with personality and style unlike any other.  Their stage show consists of a wide range of musical styles and special guest superheroes.  Weird Is definatelyThe New Cool.
DJ Groove Tech and Aaron on the Drums have put together sets to perform at the Mondrian Boutique Hotel's Red Bar on Friday Nights.
Spinning sticks and disks, flashing lights and dynamic mixes fill the room start to finish. 

Dewey Decibal and Principal Monique fronted B Platinum in a group assembled to school the Library Bar and Grill with a showcase featuring interactions with the "librarians" and patrons alike.  For now, Dewey has hung up his tie to perform in other B Platinum ventures.
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Singer, songwriter and performer Elizabeth Chamberlin is working with and will be recording her studio album with B Platinum bass player, and drummer in the coming months.  She performs at Tempe Marketplace and Mill Avenue as well as events such as the "Chicks with Picks" festival at Tempe Beach Park.
In addition to live music, B Platinum Entertainment represents

*  DJ's,
*  Hosts,
*  Dancers,
*  Promoters, 
*  Comedians,
*  Event Planners,
*  Lighting, Staging, and Sound

Because of the network of people and companies that we work with, we are able to collaborate and design custom acts to suit the needs of nearly any event.
Tingle the Singer  www.TingleTheSinger.com

Inspirational Christian artist with new album in the works. 
She performs her original works as "Tingle", and also as
the lead in "The Voices of the Supremes" tribute act.

She is able to perform as a solo act to tracks, or with her
band "Platinum" for the full performance experience.


Originally from Korea, Ishii, developed a love for performance art and anime, and quickly gained underground attention to her DJ shows throughout the Midwest. Her family descends from a line of Korean traditional costume designers that heavily influenced her signature doll-like hybrid of electro-crush dance music and melodies from the Far East. Armed with a sound and aesthetic that is equal parts ethereal, as it is ready for the catwalk, the world is Ishii stage. Last year began a fruitful collaboration with English DJ/Producer team Shok-n-Awe with heavily dance-laden grooves and melodic hooks, and an abandonment of conventional pop. Ishii will bring her mesmerizing mix of heart-pounding beats and esoteric vocals with a fresh new sound. Debut record, to be released summer of 2010.